We are all unique, and our true beauty starts from within. If you feel beautiful from the inside, it radiates on the outside. Our advanced, clinically proven supplements help combat the visible signs of ageing from within by nourishing and supporting the deep layers of the skin. Collagen is the very foundation for youthful, healthy skin. Its triple helix structure, so essential to healthy skin structure, is the brand mark of Purelogicol. Maintaining healthy and abundant collagen levels is at the very core of our product range.



Combining the purity of nature with the logic of science, our proactive, collagen boosting skincare range is designed to purify, protect, stimulate, repair and hydrate the skin. Every aspect of our product range is based on scientific excellence and includes a fascinating array of natural plant extracts, essential oils and naturally occurring vitamins from around the world. High quality research and development underpin the effectiveness of our products, based on cutting-edge active ingredients which have undergone extensive development and testing to prove their value.



Purelogicol is a UK skincare company, pioneer in inner and outer beauty since 2002. We are one of the very few companies that conceived and perfected the idea of beauty from within. Our boutique, intelligent skincare range actively works from the outside and from within! We believe in a holistic approach to health, beauty and wellness. A positive self-image affects our physical, mental, social, emotional and spiritual wellbeing. No matter what your age, you deserve to look and feel your best!

Pioneers since 2002


Back in 2002, Purelogicol was transformed from an exciting dream into the reality of a successful skincare range through the hard work, passion and future-thinking of Managing Director, Allan McLaughlin. From small beginnings, the Purelogicol brand has developed an international reputation, based on the purity, scientific research and efficacy of the product range. It has been an exciting journey and 12 years on the Collagen Skin Supplement is widely recognised for its impact on skin health and ability to bring revitalisation from within.

The Journey


Allan McLaughlin

The Beginnings...

Back in the 90s, my hopes and dreams all revolved around music. I was ambitious to succeed as a singer and very nearly did! I signed a recording contract and was performing at venues across the UK. However, the high stress and bright lights were aggravating my problem skin; my acne was so bad that it began to affect my confidence on stage.

My interest in skincare was born right there out of my own need. This rapidly grew into a passion for producing products that would help other people to look and feel their very best. Protecting, nourishing and even repairing the skin had become a bit of an obsession. The personal breakthrough for me was discovering the massive importance of collagen, the protein that makes up so much of our bodies’ connective tissue.

From the very start my approach has always been founded on expert knowledge, research and clinical trials – as well as testing products on a wide range of skin types including my own. It has been rewarding to work alongside leading laboratories, applying the latest scientific research to a range of prestigious products that simply restore people’s confidence in their own skin. 


Allan Mclaughlin
Managing Director